May 20, 2022


Come Home To Quality

Neighbors help elderly veteran take on home warranty mess

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — The worth of seeing out for your neighbors was shown when a Pinellas County few designed a call for action to Jackie Callaway when an aged veteran wanted help with a shopper situation.

When Whitey Rossner’s fridge died very last August, neighbor Michael O’Brien reported he required to assist the 80-calendar year-previous veteran. O’Brien, who has been friends with Rossner for virtually 30 yrs, contacted Rossner’s dwelling warranty enterprise.

Various phone calls led to at minimum two failed repair visits and, O’Brien stated, components that never arrived. This went on for a month in advance of Cinch Dwelling Products and services made available Rossner $1,600 he could use to purchase a new refrigerator.

Rossner acquired the give in an email previous September. In the meantime, he bought a mini-fridge and manufactured everyday trips to the O’Brien residence the place he saved his frozen food items in their freezer.

“It was challenging for him for the reason that he would have to walk back and forth every day,” O’Brien mentioned.

Rossner waited five months for the funds from the guarantee enterprise to arrive, but O’Brien stated the organization repeatedly informed him that a test had been sent.

Finally, O’Brien’s wife Eileen manufactured a contact to ABC Motion Information.



Cinch Dwelling Warranty did not answer to the Feb. 2 e mail reporter Jackie Callaway sent, but the postmark on the envelope Rossner gained made up of his $1,600 examine confirmed it was mailed out the subsequent working day.

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