May 25, 2022


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Serene Living Space by Spring Design Office

Nowadays, fast-paced lifestyles are intensifying the tense atmosphere in urban living spaces. This project is a residence situated at the bustling CBD in Guangzhou, China. The client, who is a jewellery design professional, hopes to have a serene living space and is strict about details. Through close communication and joint efforts with the client for two years, the designer created this ideal and serene home that is secluded from the busy city.

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Acted as a dream-maker, the designer realized the client’s imagination on the “home” via ingen-ious treatment of the space. Natural wood colours set the overall tone of the residence, with dark and light shades forming a contrast and enriching a sense of layering.

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According to Karl Marx, human beings are born but unwilling to be lonely, and all things in the world are interdependent. This is especially true to the sensitive client, who hopes that the living space will provide scenes for intimate interaction among family members. To that end, the de-signer transformed the originally conventional dining room into a multifunctional space, which serves various purposes including dining, working, entertainment, etc. and creates intimate experi-ences in the home.

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Life is a collection of the past, present and future. The designer utilized neat lines to shape the spatial pattern, and created a tranquil, cosy atmosphere through modern approaches. The chairs feature a sense of age, which seem to be telling stories of the past.

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The copper storage cabinet is handmade by craftsmen from Luoyang in 4 months, which not only embodies traditional craftsmanship but also helps to enhance the overall quality of the space. Copper is also utilized to the TV cabinet, which is characterized by unique shapes and recesses. Inspiration is drawn from the scene where magma rushes down at the moment of volcano eruption. The irregular and distinct organization of blocks symbolizes the process that the couple sets up a happy 4-person family.

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The home should be adaptable to the occupants’ moods. Taking account into future daily life of the occupants, the designer set an open and flexible layout, which allows the occupants to freely cre-ate their memories in the space based on their expectations on life.

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POLTRONA FRAU sofa, as well as the striking red-and-blue chair, make the space more tasteful and produce a visual highlight as well. In the era which advocates personality, freedom and aesthetics and in the modern city full of hus-tle and bustle, the inner demands of occupants require more attention. Different details within the residence merge into a holistic independent spiritual space. New memories will be constantly cre-ated there, and eventually the “home” in the mind will take root.

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Project information: Project location: Jiayu Mansion, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China; Design firm: Spring Design Office; Chief designer: Wu Jiachun; E-mail: [email protected] Photographer: You Hongxiang; Project area: 160 m2; Completion time: May 2019; Main materials: furniture (Poltrona Frau), wooden flooring, woodwork (SHIMUJI), wooden panel (Fanpin);

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