July 25, 2021


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Small Urban Apartment with Beautiful Contrast by White Interior Design

Small urban apartment with beautiful contrasts, trendy furniture pieces, and smooth textures – this project by White Interior Design is an epitome of modern simplicity and dynamic style suitable for the limited livable spaces of modern cities.

white interior design yellow house 11

white interior design yellow house 1

The vibrant yellows and the contrast between them and the gray, white, and black base is a good match for the dynamic lifestyle of contemporary young people in cities. The main living premise includes a dining area, a modern kitchen corner, and a soft-sitting living room zone snuggled comfortably in a limited footage thanks to clever innovations and knacks of contemporary design. The color palette used by the young design studio is mainly based on contemporary gray hues with the two ends of the scale – black and white only used as punctual accents.

white interior design yellow house 3

white interior design yellow house 4

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In this, smoothens and monochrome color composition, only two accents in bright, sunny yellow bring all the array of colors needed for a vital and dynamic contrast. A custom-made kitchen island and the iconic sofa by Ligne Roset – Togo give a brilliant juxtaposition to the main minimalism of colors – a very trendy and stylish design solution.

white interior design yellow house 10

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The bedroom area possesses the same refreshing minimalism of colors and arrangements. Here trendy terrazzo lamps in terracotta-red give the pop of color needed for balance. Perforated metal mesh differentiating the dressing table enhances further the slight industrial hint in the design, introduced by the graphic combinations of black and white.

white interior design yellow house 13

Customized brass door handles, luxurious black marble (with delicate white veins) and the impressive e terrazzo floors are another trendy modern design solution that gives sophistication, attention to small details and signature stylistics to the project of the White Design studio – called, by the way, very appropriately – A Yellow House. Back in the dynamically arranged social areas, a clever knack with sliding pole and rotating TV secures a home TV-media set that takes no additional space.

white interior design yellow house 15

white interior design yellow house 16

This innovative thinking (finding flexible, practical, and stylish solutions for small apartments and limited spaces) is why we love to explore the design projects of contemporary designers and artists for small urban dwellings. In this case, modern minimalism and functionality are combined with iconic and trendy design pieces and details that give a good face to modern urban design and bring refreshing, bold color contrasts and lightness to contemporary lifestyle. Photos: Hey! Cheese

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